Rather than being a place where people far from God are met with shame, guilt, and condemnation, Jesus leads us to be a family that extends His grace, mercy, and forgiveness to everyone. No matter what you’ve been through or what questions you might have, we want you to be a part of the family.

We care about your Life

Wherever you are in life, you matter and you have a purpose. We want to be the bridge to help you in becoming the person that  God has created you to be. This Journey could start with finding God's vision for your life by learning, serving or joining us regularly. The Best thing is that you don't have to take the next step alone. With a strong community of friends, you can laugh, grow, and serve with people who genuinely care about you. 

We care about your family

Strong families start with solid foundations. That's why we love families and love to partner with parents to help raise the next generation and together with them becoming fully devoted followers of Christ.

We care about Our community and world

In a Community where 98% of its population are immigrant families, we are passionate about serving the local and global community and demonstrating God's love to others. Whether in person or online, individually or in groups, within our church and around the community, we are focused on supporting and engaging in relationships that provide relief and restoration to a hurting world.

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